Synagogue Restoration


An aged façade has been restored to a rejuvenated face of the Synagogue. It rises majestically in the village landscape. The work was completed in July 2021


The synagogue used to be a mill in the times of Soviet Union and the windows were blocked. New windows have been installed and walls smoothly plastered


An old 295 square meters slate roof was replaced with a tile one in November 2020

Watch Emilia from the Gromada speak on the restoration of the synagogue

Press Releases

  • Vilkhivtsi Cemetery Restored

    General cleanup of the “New” Jewish cemetery in the village of Vilkhivtsi is complete Together with the local community, the charitable organization “Heritage Springs” organized the cleaning of the Jewish cemetery. The cleaning formed a part of regular maintenance and included: mowing of the grass and the pruning and removal bushes. The cemetery is surrounded by…

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  • Sokyrnytsia Cemetery Restored

    General cleanup of the Jewish cemetery in the village of Sokyrnytsia (Khust District, Zakarpattia Region, Ukraine) is complete The Jewish cemetery in the village of Sokyrnytsia is now in order. The charitable organization “Heritage Springs” carried out general cleaning of the cemetery this summer, as the preservation of cemeteries is one of the organization’s priorities.…

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